Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy weight can be determined by the BMI charts available in printed form or simple BMI calculators can calculate it. It is a quite simple exercise. You are not into any kind of dilemma or puzzle, but when you talk about the “healthy weight loss” you are on a tricky land and you will have to firm on your feet. The answer to the Healthy Weight Loss is not simple one it involves a lot of fuss there are certain things, which you should keep in mind. These things can be outlined here which can give you idea about Healthy Weight Loss but these are not hard and fast rules as they vary from person to person.


First of all determine aim of your weight loss program. Determine your goals, which you want to achieve by the end of your weight loss activity. For this you should be clear about the reason for which you are going lose weight. Some people are really obese so they want to lose weight to become healthy. Some want to make their look better. There may be other group, which wants to have better-relaxed feeling after weight loss activity. So everyone has its own prospects of weight loss. The Healthy Weight loss for each of these groups of persons will be different. So for healthy weight loss you should define your aim and specify your goals at the end of weight loss activity.

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Exercise is one the pillars on which the weight loss building is built. The most important thing about the exercise is the fact that it is a daily requirement of a healthy body. So in weight loss process its importance is increased many folds. You should be able to select best exercise for your body to lose weight. It should be based ideally on the advice of your physician and trainer. And if you have facility of a weight loss expert it is an added benefit. The strength of exercise should depend upon the your health status and physical condition. The choice of type of exercise is mainly your trainer’s job but you can give your preferences within a limit. Exercise is a constant routine even if you lose weight it is needed to maintain weight, which is most difficult part of weight loss program.


Diet plays an important role in the weight loss program. Mostly we are misunderstood that if we stop eating we will be smart again. The point to be understood is that stopping eating is not required but saying no to excessive eating is the requirement. There should be proper diet plan according to which you should eat. The caloric requirement should be calculated and calories needed to be cut down should also be calculated. It’s always a nice thing to get advice of a dietitian about the whole issue. The diet should be such that it should have all the essential nutrients in it. Any diet, which offers you, the utilization of only one special element should be taken after proper physician’s advice. As lack of any o the essential nutrients can start a pathological process in the body.

Healthy weight loss cannot be set of pet points or corner stones. It is always based on some general principles, which everyone should keep in the mind and should be adopted according to the personal requirement upon the advice of experts.