(This petition is part of a larger movement headquartered at Hamilton Electors)

On December 19th, 2016, the 538 Electors of the Electoral College will meet in their respective states to cast their votes for President and Vice President of the United States. If nothing out of the ordinary happens, a majority of them will vote Donald Trump for President, and our next President will be Donald Trump.

But it does not have to happen this way.

The Founding Fathers created the Electoral College, in part, as a check against the possibility the public might select a President unfit to execute the duties of the office, such as Donald Trump. In many states Electors are bound by state law to vote for the candidate they pledged for, however, there are over 160 Republican Electors in other states ***not*** bound by law to vote for Donald Trump. Our present goal is to petition these Electors to remove Trump from their ballots and replace him with the non-Trump candidate of their choosing.

If we are successful, no candidate will have a majority of electoral votes, sending the choice of the President to the House of Representatives. As the Constitution specifies, they are allowed to choose from the top three in the electoral college, with each state delegation receiving one vote. The majority of state delegations are Republican, making it impossible for Clinton to win a vote in the House. The only viable choices then would be Donald Trump and whichever Republican received the most votes from among faithless electors. It is entirely possible the House Republicans would choose the third candidate. Should they fail to choose at all, Vice President elect Mike Pence would become Acting President until the House is able to make a choice.

Faithless Republican electors can ensure the White House is still Republican in 2017 while at same time possibly preventing the most unfit person ever from taking the office.


Why you should NOT try to contact Electors directly

An earlier version of this page asked you to contact Republican Electors directly. After consulting with the Democratic Electors in the #HamiltonElectors movement, it was decided it is better for citizens to NOT contact the Electors directly. Why you ask? Electors are not like Congressmen or Senators. For the most part, they are ordinary citizens like us. They may hold state or local level political positions or just be citizens who are active in their political party. Most of them have regular jobs and live an ordinary life like you and I. They do not have the office staff that a Senator or Congressman might have. This means when we call them or email them, they have to take all those calls and wade through all those emails personally. What would you do if you were getting a hundred phone calls a day from strangers? You would turn the phone off, stop checking your emails, and drop out. If that happens, it makes it far more difficult for their fellow Electors, who might be able to convince them to drop Trump, to contact them. There are Democratic Electors, and hopefully soon Republican Electors, working behind the scenes to make this happen and us blowing up the phones of Republican Electors will make it more difficult for contact to be made. So I am begging you, PLEASE DO ---NOT--- contact the Electors directly. This is why I took down the list of Electors from this website. Based on the emails I have been receiving, I believe we have got their attention. Now it is time to dial it back and promote media exposure and leave the contacting to the smaller group of people who may be able to convince them.

Even though I took down the list, I am still working on completing it so the Electors in the #HamiltonElectors movement will have the contact information. Please continue to send me contact information on the Electors at if you have it so I can incorporate it into the list. It is also good know what their leanings are, if this information is available (pro-Trump, anti-Trump, or which of the other Republican nominees they supported).

As we near December 19th, I will send a paper copy of our petition to each of the Republican Electors in states that allow faithless electors. A single envelope full of names is likely to have a more useful impact than bombarding them with individual envelopes.

The most important thing you can do other than signing the petition is helping to promote media exposure for this movement

Write letters to the editors of your local paper or to national papers. (Newspapers actually have the staff to handle a barrage of mail). Promote the idea on social media #HamiltonElectors. Join the Facebook group Hamilton Electors If you have contacts in the national media and can put us in touch with them, let me know at

Thanks to all for the help you have provided. I apologize for the abrupt change in strategy but I firmly believe it is the best way to advance our goals. A day after the election, I was searching "faithless elector" on Google news and it wasn't coming up for any articles after the election day. I started to worry that this was an idea no one was promoting, even though it seemed so obvious. I am not a politician and have never worked for a political party, and at the time my amateurish thinking was we should try to send as many letters and phone calls the Electors' way as possible. I neglected to consider the facts mentioned above (most Electors do not have the office staff to handle a barrage of email and phone calls), nor was I aware that Democratic Electors were already working to make this happen. Even though the list is no longer publicly available, it is extremely important to our mission. It may very well make the difference in the end.

Please continue to send information or help you might have to I am very overloaded with emails so forgive me if I do not make a prompt reply.